How to become a Spectacular Spokesperson!

Workshop from 6 to 8 hours to clearly master your strategic message and conquer the media.

You only have 7 seconds to get attention. Learn how get through;

1. Strategic message development
2. Identifying your key audience and target
3. Techniques to master any interview
4. Formula to control nervousness and insecurity when speaking in public
5. Practical ways to sell and promote organically through media coverage
6. The most effective way to use social networks
7. Ways to create strategic and mutually beneficial relationships

Mari Santana can help you do just that!

with a message that informs, entertains and raises awareness about that brand. The more effective, carismatic and deliberate a spokesperson, the more they make themselves known. That is when opportunities to showcase their product or talent, start knocking at the door.

You can be that super effective messenger, creating profitability for your brand!

We provide image, voice development and message delivery mentoring. Plus you will learn to develop, key messages to be delivered in a unique method. One that helps you deliver with confidence and knowledge and credibility before an audience, camera or interviewer.