Each person is a brand with a story to tell, make yours a compelling one that will open doors and new opportunities. Every day more and more corporations and talented individuals invest in telling a good story about what they do, who they serve and why they are the best choice for consumers. Individuals need to tell their stories just as well.

After more than 15 years with one of the most significant entertainment companies in the world, Mari learned and managed to put into practice daily the four pillars that make Disney, a leader in the world of entertainment and tourist destinations.

Find out what these pillars of success are and how their ten execution points and constant practice can be applied to any business.

  • Do you want to increase your opportunities to stand out in a job interview?
  • To be able to communicate important points that help you stand out and noticed?
  • Want to increase your self confidence and exercise your power to express your greatness?
  • Programs are adapted to achieve results in a short time

The surest way to promote the value of what you offer, whether it is your talent, experience, product, business, tourist destination or a particular brand, is by becoming a master in telling and narrating of your strategic story.

Identifying, positioning and delivering a message according to each situation, increases your chances of success by up to 80% over others.

Attend this experiential workshop and empower yourself as a good communicator of your talents and abilities, let the everyone know what you have to offer with brilliance and determination.

Mari spent more than 15 years at Walt Disney Co. as the official spokesperson for this master storytelling company to market and sell the most coveted vacation destinations in the world. She can help you tell your story successfully too. Her mentoring and coaching offers the level of empowerment and the confidence you need to speak in public and open yourself to the immense possibilities of communicating to succeed.